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Would you like to support Bespoke Yoga?

Your generous donation would be gratefully recieved

How your donation will make a positive impact:

Would you like to support others in experiencing the transformative work of Somatic Yoga?


Your Donation At Work:


As a teacher I always look to further develop my knowledge and make my work available to a wider audience.


I believe Yoga can improve the wellbeing of our population and we should all enjoy freedom of movement no matter how old we are, the disability, injury or degenerative disease.


And perhaps a work or study schedule doesn’t fit around a class time too, making it difficult to re-set physical, mental and emotional imbalances.


Help me make a difference to reach all ages & abilities, creating energy and freedom for everyBODY! by donating you will be assisting my research, education and supporting me in marketing, filming videos and creating audio material or perhaps you could donate your services.

Click on the Donate button below, or follow this link:

We’ll send you a message once we’ve received your kind donation and will let you know how your donation will be supporting us in making a difference.

Want to find out more about my local yoga classes here in Darlington?

Click on the ‘Timetable’ button to the right for more information. 

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