Bespoke Yoga in Darlington | Meet Tara
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It’s lovely to meet you! 

Below you can find out a little more about me and my background

Hi, I’m Tara!

My personal mission is to dispel peoples misconception that you have to be flexible to start Yoga…I wasn’t!


I come from a competitive running background (urhh tight hamstrings) and in my 30’s moved to martial arts, somewhat of a Yin & Yang story for me. Through injuries and stressful life events I was lead to Yoga, initially for its renowned physical healing qualities. As my journey progressed I soon realised there were so many additional benefits that drew me deeper into my Yoga practice.


My experience and training with The British Wheel Of Yoga & Somatic Educator James Knight has provided me with tools to support and guide my clients to live a more pain-free, stress-free life on and off the mat.

What to expect in a class:

My classes offer an all-round practice uniting the mind, body, and breath giving you the chance to enrich your life physically, mentally and spiritually. My inspiration and intention for you is to offer opportunities to re-connect with yourself so that when you leave class (the sanctuary) and go back to the outside world, you greet it with an inner YES! feeling refreshed, balanced, calm, stronger physically and mentally.


I often get asked “what’s the style of Yoga you teach”? My style has evolved and will continue to evolve alongside my knowledge of Hatha Yoga & Somatic Education. My priority is to offer a sustainable Yoga practice, in essence a practice thats accessible to everyone and everyBODY.


As we age we develop habits physically and emotionally, some of them good and others that literally distress us and have a negative impact on how we live our lives. I will encourage you to counteract the above through explorative movement to develop your self-awareness of what feels good for your body working from the inside to the periphery.


My aim for you is to provide guidance in preventing and reversing muscular pain, tension and regain control of your own muscles. I will encourage you to unwind through an intertwined practice of movement, postures and also in a variety of other ways: visualisations, breathing techniques, meditations and affirmations.


I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Want to find out more about my local yoga classes here in Darlington?

Click on the ‘Timetable’ button to the right for more information. 

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