Bespoke Yoga in Darlington | Teacher Training
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Teacher Training

Teacher Training Level 1

What makes this Teacher Training so unique?

  • Explore and learn a minimum of 25 Somatic Movement Flows® that can be incorporated into other therapeutic modalities (Yoga Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage, etc.), or can be the basis for an entire group class
  • Learn the history, philosophy, science, and theory behind Gentle Somatic Yoga
  • Share case studies and offer solutions for physical challenges and limitations students bring to class
  • Enhance your own teaching style and use of Somatic language while working with peers.
  • Identify your target audience and adjust the Somatic Movement Flow sequences to fit your niche
  • Join our leading-edge community of Somatic Movement Educators and Yoga Teachers
  • Develop successful business strategies and marketing tools
  • Health Care Professionals and Certified Yoga Teachers can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Learn all this and more within a vibrant and friendly environment and city.
  • Return to your community feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired!

Teaching Schedule
  • TBC

The Facilitator

Tara is a certified as Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher ~ Level 3. she has her unique specialties and is an experienced and gifted embodied Movement Educator who is passionate about enhancing lives through the practice of movement education. Drawing from her own life experiences and career paths, she has naturally gravitated to Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) and feels strongly that it is the missing piece to an often challenging puzzle. With her supportive and encouraging approach, you will learn the tools and gain the skills to become a competent GSY practitioner able to share with your community and beyond. Tara is ready and able to take this step with you, empowering and inspiring you along the way.  Tara sees everyone as individuals first and foremost, and is eager to assist you in developing your unique potential by adding this certification to your credentials.

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