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Autumn Newsletter

Autumn is well and truly with us and I find personally this is the time of year I begin to shift my focus and become even more mindful of my movement and eating patterns in preperation for the winter.

I’d like to share with you some tips on how selfcare is the new healthcare and it involves the number 5, infact I believe you’re going to fall in love with the following challenges and the number 5.

Let’s begin with the 5 breath challenge 1 : on waking find a quiet spot and take 5 deep inhales though the nose sending the breath to your abdomen and exhale slowly through the nose, before you know it you will gradually build up to doing 5 minutes of mindful breathing. Continue this practice before each meal to ensure your digestive system has the best chance to work optimally, when you breath efficiently you elict the Relaxation Response aka ‘rest and digest’. This can often be the missing link to achieving weight-loss or a healthy immune system as you could be eating the most nourishing meals however if you’re stressed you’ll activate the sympathetic nervous system aka ‘fight or flight’, therefore during mealtimes the blood flow to the digestive tract is directed away decreasing nutrient absortion and increasing inflammation. My advice is to treat your breath like your best friend , stay connected, be close, always be available and listen.

Movement snacks: When you find yourself sitting for long periods of time engrossed in your work (like I am right now) you need to make a conscious effort to move every 30 minutes. So the obvious natural breaks like going to the toilet and getting a drink come to mind but lets get creative here, how could you explore your environment to reduce inactivity ? Could you use a door frame to reach up to taking 5 deep breaths as you explore, could you do 5 squats, 5 calf raises, variety is key here.

What I’m also trying to say is that an exercise class should not be your only movement for the week, its about what you do most of the time that counts. Seek out movement opportunities, have fun, make them bite-size and do-able and watch your mindset change.

Talking about snacks brings me onto the next food orientated challenge: The 5 porridge toppings everyone that follows me on my social media pages knows I love my porridge, it really allows me to tap into my creative side and explore the variety of toppings available. I challenge you all to add 5 toppings to your porridge remembering variety is the spice of life, here are a few pictures to inspire you.

Notice the homemade NO SUGAR ADDED apple compot above, its so easy to make: chop the apples into small pieces, add a little water, cinnamon and nutmeg into a pan, cook with the lid on until the apples are soft decide if you want to blend or simply mash them. It keeps for up to a week in an air tight jar or you could freeze portions in an ice cube tray.

The reality is my porridge goals don’t always look so pretty and because I dis-like stagnation and being stationary I’ve decided that my blogs will realistically be quartely te he.

The next Neck and Shoulder Workshop is Friday 16th Novemeber

In this workshop we will be looking at how stress in the mind manifests physically in the body focusing on the the neck & shoulders,

Expressions like someone being “a pain in the neck” and having the weight on your shoulders” all play a part in how we show up in the world.

Come and join us and gain a deeper appreciation on how all thoughts and feelings get translated in our mind and body.

Our aim is by combining Gentle Somatic Yoga and a psycho-education you will be equipped with life enhancing tools to help alleviate, identify and cope with stress and how it presents in both mental and physical symptoms.

Details: This workshop is of special interest to anyone suffering chronic tension in the neck and shoulders, tension headaches, who sit for long periods of time through driving and sitting at a computer.
You will experience the connection between the neck , shoulders and entire spine as you learn to relax muscles that contribute to your symptoms.
Participants will learn easy Somatic Movement Flows® to ease the physical symptoms and with guided awareness from Emma Yarrow Psychotherapist you will feel more equipped to move away from dysfunctional patterns.

What do you need to bring : notepad and pen however this workshop is supported with a hand out. To ensure comfort you could also bring a blanket and cushion.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants therefore booking is essential,
please message for booking details contact Tara via 07974 677693 or alternatively email:

Friday 16th November 7-9pm

**New term starts 5th November, there are a few places available in Mondays 6pm and Friday’s 11am classes.

Remember stay connected to your breath and believe in the power of 5

Love and Light









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