Bespoke Yoga in Darlington | Winter Wellness Tips
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Winter Wellness Tips

It’s the time of the year when our food choices, immune system and general wellbeing are challenged with the hustle & bussle of preparing for Christmas so I’d like to share with you a few tips to beat the festive stress.


Firstly lets look at food, especially the festive buffet which can be full of manufactured and processed foods. Challenge yourself to look for the real food and fill yourself up with that first then take a 10 minute break as it takes around 10 minutes for your brain to register you’ve eaten! listen to your body its very good at regulating whether you’re hungry or not so gift yourself the gift of awareness. If you’re tempted to return to the buffet you’re less likely to eat as much. Of course a little bit of what you fancy is ok just be mindful by really savouring each mouthful and respect balance.

Secondly lets move to the tempting festive tipple my tip here is think quality over quantity, I’m quite partial to a G&T so I ensure the tonic water that accompanies the Gin is one of quality without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, my favourite is Fever-Tree Light Tonic Water and again I’ll enjoy every sip giving myself the gift of awareness rather than a hang-over. Also if you know you find it challenging to say no to another drink make plans for the next day and commit to them that way you’ll have an excuse at the ready.


Thirdly celebrate the gift of love and be kind to yourself letting go of expectations of a perfect family Christmas dinner, so what if the roasties burn slightly its really not that big of a deal. Learn to practice acceptance and laughter and move on. Yes it can be an emotional time when family gather as you remember loved ones and its as equally important to acknowledge your feelings however look around you and lighten your mood enjoy the time you have with all those people present all around you.


Lastly give yourself the gift of breathing and Breathe… our breath can be compromised by situations, people and places having a detrimental effect on our nervous system, my tip is to take a deep breath before responding to whichever situations personally challenges you. The breath is such an over-looked powerful tool so if you’re lucky enough to have a few days away from work over the festive holidays give yourself a gift… the gift of breath awareness.


In the morning find yourself a quiet spot, sit upright and use this time for self-enquiry and follow your breath, breathing in & out through the nose. Develop a sense of curiosity notice how far the breath travels in your body, is the breath smooth or jerky? To enhance this experience you could burn some Frankincense oil and breathe deeper bringing more balance and peace into your being .


My final tip is for your immune system which could be comprised by either a cold or flu, the key is hydration with my winter wellness remedy beverage. Find yourself a mug and fill it with some hot water, some fresh grated ginger, half a teaspoon of turmeric spice or a thumbnail size of fresh tumeric, a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of Manuka honey and sip away, its especially soothing for sore throats due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the Tumeric. #foodismedicine


Christmas is a time of giving so remember to give yourself the gift of self-love, awareness and laughter,


I wish you all a peaceful & happy holidays,


Peace, Love & light




I look forward to seeing you all when we re-start classes 8th January.
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